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. this is a paving project going on here. davis did not work for maryland state highway but rather a subcontractor involved in the project. in forestville, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> davis is from briantown, maryland. jerry edwards joins us with the latest in traffic. >>> good morning, to you and everyone. a lot of road works and hefty delays because of it. virginia, northbound i-95 to the outer loop of the beltway, look very carefully. two lanes. the left lane is closed and traffic is quite slow because of it. there is also on southbound 95 headed to newington,there, the right lane is blocked delays leaving the capital beltway. maryland, on the outer loop, greenbelt road, left side of the roadway blocked. delays from north on route 50. the good news is, if you are headed southbound, the inner loop, no worries there. travel lanes are open. eun? >>> thank you. taking a live look outside. it is 91 degrees at 11:04. we have sunshine. with this humidity, you know we are going to be burning out there. >> everybody that's come into the office this morning has passed by my desk. wendy rieger included and
at national. 40, yes 48 in cumberland. 57 in winchester and hagerstown and 69 in southern maryland. locally we have 60s. mid-50s in montgomery county from gaithersburg to laytonsville to 62 in columbia. a great day. sunshine. still very comfortable. highs around 80. >>> good morning. happy thursday, everybody. i wish we had better news for folks in maryland. right now an accident at cherry hill road. between park drive. actually we are seeing live pictures that sky 9 is carrying, i believe that's one of the cars involved in the accident. this is cherry hill road. it was blocking all lanes for most of the morning and it is still blocked in college park. -- we are zooming in on the accident zone so avoid the area if you can right now. we have another crash to report on the inner loop at pennsylvania avenue. that's another one to look out for in maryland as well this morning. taking a live picture on 270. right now southbound as we move to our live camera, right now no big problems reported from father hurley to the split. a little volume between germantown and i-370. good morning, virginia. hope
'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we are in fantastic poolesvilleing maryland for this edition of hometown fridays. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 starts right now. very we are in fantastic poolesville, maryland. >> we give a big welcome on this friday morning. a beautiful sunrise and we are in northwestern n that this montgomery county. it is week number four for our hometown fridays and we're very happy to be with some of the good folks here in poolesville, maryland. already some folks coming out to say hi to us this morning. >> we are about an hour away from the nation's capital. technically, 35 miles from the white house. but this world out here is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital. this area was founded on farming. while agriculture might not be the mainstay anymore, the charm of rural life remains. >> you can get here about 45 minutes from downtown washington if you don't have traffic to deal with. we have quite a bit coming up including the big history of this small town. we'll tap into the expertise of a couple of local historians including on
great from the maryland line down towards the beltway. southbound traffic is problem- free down towards the capital beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a maryland state trooper is facing child pornography charges. >> he is currently out on bail. jennifer franciotti it is live at baltimore city police. >> bruce allen tucker is a 13- year veteran and he has been interviewed several times on traffic safety. >this is a trooper at tucker speaking about safety. now he stands accused of possession and intent to distribute child pornography. in june they went to his home on esplanade court. a search revealed more than 3000 images showing pictures of children engaged in various sex acts. some of the images show the children tied up and partially nude. >> there is no indication he was involved in the taking of pictures or that he was depicted in any of the images with these children. >> tucker said his wife left him in 2005. he then felt depressed and felt worthless and began searching pornography on the internet. he started collecting and sharing child pornography with others. fo
.26 earthquake that hit maryland this morning. the quake was centered around the germantown area and felt all through the purple and the beyond. the people who heard and fell the heaviest disruption is in the purple. >> however, we've had e-mails from every area. whether it's rising sun or dayton. we've had, well, conversations and e-mails with every county around the metro. >> this was pretty good. the main thing is, it shook for ten seconds and it sounded and felt like [low audio] >> glenwood was to the north and west of that. we have to thank you for e- mailing us. >> this was your story, well done. >> you helped us to be on top of it >>> it's been three months an bp's now halted the oil leak in the gulf with the 75-ton containment cap. take a live look at the gulf right now. you can see, nothing's flowing from the well head and as tara mergener reports, everyone's hoping that will stay the same. >> reporter: bp's latest fix appears to be doing its job for now. >> everyone feels like we've begun to turn a corner. >> reporter: thursday, they managed to block the flow of the oil with a tight
. a family company. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >>> good evening, everyone. we have some bad weather outside. could we get a picture of the harbor cam, the rain is really coming down outside. you can look out the window here, and it's coming down. it's coming down all over our area as there's also a tornado warning right now. i mean, let's take a look at the harbor right there. everything is just covered. those thick, gray clouds out there. foggy, it's nasty. even on the roadways right now. it's also pretty bad, if you go over to 695, it seems to be moving along the beltway. could we get a picture of the beltway there? we can get an idea -- we will get a shot of the beltway there coming newspaper a minute. you can see there from the harbor cam, you can see the big fat rain drops falling down, and it's a mess outside. if you can stay inside, i suggest you stay inside because that rain is coming down for a while, and it's going to come down for a while. we check over with wyatt. are you ready there? >> yeah,
to politicians in the state of maryland to come here? >> this is a huge deal. it, frankly, should be a holiday. because everybody is down here. >> crabs or clams? what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for crabs. >> reporter: governor o'malley, in a tight race for re- election, finds himself in a mob of supportirs. >> cominger-- supporters. >> coming here is one of the rites of summer. it's great to be able to be here with the lieutenant governor and so many friends. and we're excited about this campaign. >> reporter: one of the most interesting things about this event is how the crowds break into groups of caucuses. you have the o'malley group there. and back here, the front runner in the republican governor's race, bob ehrlich. >> most people have no question that you're going to win the eastern shore. but the question on whether or not you can actually get these people motivated to turn out to vote. what do you have to do? >> our folks are really motivated. they've dealt with four years of martin o'malley. martin o'malley is not what they want, on the shores, particularly. >> reporter: go
closed in both directions. i spoke with the maryland state police. they said this was an accident involving three vehicles and trash truck. there was a medevac rescue on the scene there as well another accident on the harrisburg expressway, northbound 83 at timonium road. blocking the left lane and shoulder. traffic jams northbound from about 695. so it's been a very busy morning so far for rush hour. >>> the president of chick-fil-a is with us. he's going to tell us that baltimore is one of the best markets for his restaurants. in the land. we're going to talk about the chick. >> i believe, i have moved all over the country. no one talks more about it than here in baltimore. >> wait until you see our news desk. it's been taken over. >> looks good. >>> we're also going to talk about buying local. it's buy local challenge week. margot amelia is going to join us. >> and why stores are offering deals in july, for christmas. will this send you shopping this weekend? we'll find all this and more coming up on "good morning maryland." >>> first, let's get to today's hot topics. it's a
earlier this morning that came through western maryland, panhandle ofl west virginia and into northern maryland. that's up into southern pennsylvania, near york pennsylvania and continuing to move off to the east. it is up to 87 in washington. the heat is on even with the cloud cover. it has warmed into the mid and upper 80s, not only here but around the bay and the eastern shore. it is in the 80s around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. over the last 12 hours, we have had this cloud cover coming in in advance of a weak front way out in the midwest. it's going to bring a bit of welcomed relief by the end of the week. for this afternoon, partly sunny, humid, a chance of a passing thunderstorm between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. highs reach the low and mid-90s. a look at the rest of the week and some changes on the way and the weekend as well. that will be coming up in a few minutes. stay tuned. >>> we'll see you in a few minutes. vre is already expanding its new express train service just one day after it started. the new service from fredericksburg to union station ran the inaugural trip ye
of a big rally in washington today. but right now we begin our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> good morning. we are looking similar to the last few days in maryland where it is hot and sticky with more thunderstorms here and there, especially this afternoon. looking at things this morning relatively quiet. western maryland seeing a couple of showers this morning. as we start in the 60s and 70s and will climb to the 80-degree mark or so by 9:00 a.m. through midday, the chance of thunderstorms start to increase from west to east to the lunch hour. well though the 80s to 90s. highs topping out low 90s in spots this afternoon with a threat of a thunderstorm or two. >>> a couple of cameras focusing on maryland traffic. we begin with a live shot at quince orchard and clopper road. drivers are stopped at the light. overall no problems to report out this way. as we shift things over to georgia avenue and viersmill looks like the same situation. nice and quiet. and finally all aboard, we are flying over 50 westbound from the bay bridge to bowie toward washington. loo
a deal with maryland prosecutors. he showed up in court today in maryland. brianne carter is like to tell us what happened with this. what is the latest? >> dilante west was very apologetic in court today, ashamed by his actions. it started in september of 2009 when officers pulled him over on the beltway for speeding and reckless driving. police found two handguns, and more than 100 shotgun shells and a ninth. today he entered a guilty plea on two of those charges for carrying a concealed weapon and carrying and transporting oil loaded handguns. today he was sentenced to eight months home detention and two years' unsupervised probation and will continue psychological counseling and community service. we heard from him as he spoke out after court. speaking out and saying he was glad this was over and behind him, saying he was very apologetic and could move on with his career. he said if his career is affected by this, he knows he will be able to move on and work in a career where he can continue to counsel youths as he has done in the past. brianne carter, abc7 news. >>> moving on to othe
>> a report calls for increasing oyster sanctuaries and anti coaching efforts. maryland released an oyster restoration plan. a crucial meeting at the white house. >> and benjamin netanyahu sits down for talks with president obama. kate amara joins us live to explain why today's meeting is so important. >> good morning. last twonetanyahu's visits to the white house or a diplomatic bus. they hoped the third time is the charm. a photo op will be at the top of the agenda. today's meeting is seen as a chance to restart the relationship between barack obama and benjamin not to yell hope. tensions remain over the deadly raid flotilla. at least nine people were killed. the white house is downplaying any rift. talks with the palestinians and other bilateral issues be cracked the implication of the recent policy changes in gaza, regional security and ongoing proximity talks and the need to get to direct talks to correct the israelis and palestinians are only communicating through u.s. officials. direct talks depend on israel stopping all construction of west bank settlements. netanyahu said face-to-
the final decision? according to the maryland high court, the voters do. they are being asked to repeal the zoning amendment that prevents slots from being in a mall. >> the specific language that all applicable zoning laws would be applied to any facility mean what they say. >> attorneys for a citizens group opposed the slots at the mall. they say this is a critical check and balance. citizens have the right to challenge decisions by their local government and reverse them through a referendum. >> i know what is right, and a casino does not belong in a family-friendly small. the people -- family-friendly mall. the people have a right to appeal, and that is what we did. >> they successfully made the case in circuit court that is adding measure is tied to an appropriations package that was connected to a bill legalizing slots. earlier in the day, this man detailed what this means. >> $500 million per year to start. >> court testimony indicates that 55% of the voters cast a ballot in favor of slots in 1997. >> a lot of people could not care less if there were slots, but they assume that i
the entry to the maricopa jail in phoenix. and the first step towards a maryland's version of the arizona law was introduced in reisterstown. the orioles are expected to introduce espn analyst buck showalter as their manager on monday. he is the third manager this season. the current manager is expected to return to his duties as third base coach after serving as interim manager since june 4. it is the unofficial start of football season, as the baltimore ravens kick off their training camp in westminster. today is the first full squad practice open to the public. for more on the training camp and a look at the schedule, visit jennifer franciotti will have a wrap up of today's activities, including purple fan fever at 5:00. in the market for a new home? what experts say you might want to buy now. millions of americans said to benefit from a new health reform law. but first -- >> i will not yield the gentleman and the tournament will observe regular order -- the gentleman will observer regular order. >> what caused >> some intense moments on the house floor last night. republic
on the maryland governor's race. martin o'malley was touting new jobs in baltimore. the company's ceo says he plans to vote for o'malley, giving the governor high marks for helping his business grow. >> we have made tough decisions as a people and state to safeguard our children's future and expand opportunities. >> the race is heating up. real clear politics calls it a dead heat. >> where are you miss stepping? >> that is also where it stood on the eve of the race of four years ago. m o'malley says voters are hurting under the recession, but maryland has done better than most dates he says. held on to our job base better than for other states. >> it is about jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs. back on the campaign trail, ehrlich admits he got fired by voters in 2002. he attributes that to problems in washington. today, he insists he is the better candidate. >> that is the message that is going to surround the states, the region, the world. >> he cites things like the so- called walmart cap and regulators he accuses of acting too much like sheriffs. >> what are they doing? this does not help people.
bridge. you are going to watch for the new traffic pattern due to construction. in maryland 270 we have been tracking the traffic all morning and around the germantown area volume is starting to build and finally show you the outer and inner loop. happy to report from 95 and 270, smooth sailing. back to you. >>> we want to get to the big things happening in our our world today. the house will vote whether to extend unemployment benefits. president obama said he is eager to sign it in to law. it would help more than 2.5 million people. >>> oil spill workers are pulling out of the gulf of mexico. that's because of tropical weather threatening the region. the effort to plug the well has been halted for now, just days away from completion. >>> the white house is challenge to arizona's illegal immigration law goes before a judge today. it calls the crackdown unconstitutional but supporters say it enforces federal law. it is scheduled to take effect one week from today. >>> and we are learning more about how police found the man they think killed four women in largo, maryland. kristin fisher
during the afternoon this afternoon. but once we get into maryland, ane rain chances are slim. the biggest rains are up in the great lakes this morning, just like they were yesterday morning, and that's where most of the storm activity will take place during the day today. so that's enough of the radar. less its look at the nubbeds. they start the day in the 80's. one, that's ridiculous, two it is a record. 77 is the previous record maximum low. well, now it looks like we are establishing 83. it still could go down to 82. we're starting out ridiculously warm here. 85 at the inner harbor. humidity up, barometer down. all you can pray for is a bit of a breeze. a look at the numbers today. 90-plus days. april 2, 16 in june, 16 in july. we have 379 other-plus days. that's a new record for so early in the season. so we'll see what happens here as we go through august. 100 plus days so far we have had 5. two in june, three in jewel. it looks like we'll add another today. so call kinds of records falling here. readings around the area, 812 at annapolis. starting out warm at 83. parkt
, students at the university of maryland are scared and looking for the start of a strong recovery with lots of hiring. >> the touchy political issue of extending unemployment benefits will remain unsettled until the senate returns from a break in 10 days. in the meantime, maryland's new unemployment numbers have not been released, but we are well below the national average. >> police have removed 76 illegal guns from the streets. police are looking for a gunman who shot an active duty officer. they arrived at a bar this morning where it 26-year-old chase love was gunned down. >> this is a war veteran, someone returning from afghanistan and the second tour of duty serving this country. he was gunned down for no good reason at all. >> detectives say i love it was shot in the chest after a fight broke out. an unidentified victim was shot in essex this morning. he has been rushed to bayview medical center. he died. police do not have a suspect or a motive. >> a trial of a woman who shot and killed her husband is about to wrap up. barry sims has been covering this trial since it began. he has th
in western maryland. a little bit more thunder and then some showery weather through the early morning. flood watches are up until 6:00 tomorrow morning. this is for a large section of central maryland from cecil to hertford county. it has expanded into southern maryland. some areas out and west virginia are under borings -- under warnings. downtown baltimore, an inch of rain. of that is adding up to some pretty good rainfall totals. this is really starting to see a surplus for the month. we are almost half an inch above normal at the airport. the rain is helping out. 81 degrees in southern maryland. we have called in to the low to mid '70's to the north. -- cooled to the low to mid 70's to the north. it is a slow-moving front. it is creeping south again. this is the front that will come through here tomorrow and trigger another round of showers and storms. there is some heat building up. parts of kansas into eastern colorado. we have this depicted as a cool front. there is a lot of warm air coming in. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms in the area. look at the way the skies c
a little bit of thunder in the panhandle of west virginia and in western maryland. those are drifting to the east and southeast and may be moving closer to the shenandoah valley and perhaps into washington and frederick counties in maryland over the next hour or so. right now, we don't any storms or severe weather in the region. right now, 90 degrees at national airport. it is in the upper 80s in montgomery, arlington and fairfax. we have the high humidity. the dew points are in the low to mid-70s, sweltering humidity. hagerstown the a90 degrees as well. some of the storms could begin to pick up in intensity in the next hour or two. out of the mountains behind the front out in the ohio valley, temperatures are in the 70s right now. over the last 12 hours, that front is now just beginning to move into the mountains and slight risk of severe weather in this yellow zone. much of virginia, the district, most of maryland under a slight risk for damaging winds between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. as highs reach the low to mid-90s before that. after that, lower humidity movers in. details on friday an
from getting pregnant. >> i think they should swap them for a couple of maryland terrapins. >>> everybody is in a weekend holiday mood. we have the weather to go with it. we have been basking in the flower of this low humidity with a bright blue sky and sparkling sunshine. today, no different. there is the theme overlooking northwest washington in the foreground from our sky watcher camera, about 300 feet up. we can see downtown that's going to be the scene of the big parades and fireworks display. it's under 75 at national airport where the precipitation so far this year is running almost six inches below average. don't the area lawns show it. everything is looking parched. in prince george's county, mid-70s. it has mihit the mid to upper 7. right near the chesapeake bay, the beautiful waters of the bay, a bit of a chop on the bay. annapolis, 72. the bay water temperatures are near 80. it it quite warm. great for activity on the bay this week conditioned as well as the atlantic beaches from lewis, delaware, down to ocean city. terrific weather for the beaches. look at the
. >>> and a maryland state trooper is arrested on child pornography charges. the trooper had more than 3000 images in his possession. investigators are concerned he may have exploited victims on the internet and texts. anyone with information, call the unit. tucker is out on $50,000 bail. >>> a man hunt is underway in harford county for the person who shot two people over the weekend and killing one of them. and sick is in the news room -- and vick is in the news room with more. >> reporter: this student was in the parking lot of bel air when she was shot. a short distance away, the police found a 25-year-old man's body. she may have been struck by a stray bullet. she snuck out of the house to go to a party. >>> and bel air has had only two murders in the last 27 years. >>> right now, the search is on for a man who vanished after swimming in a local reservoir. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: crews have been out here since 9:00 this morning and the search is tricky because of the conditions of the water. early monday morn, multiple teams continued the efforts to locate the body of the young man
into western maryland right now. a live look over the capital shows a lot of sunshine. patty afternoon clouds. 76 in arlington, 93 for the high temperature. scattered late-day thunderstorms this afternoon. >>> connecticut avenue is closed between the blunt part metro, 24 st., karen lofton and daughter -- kalorama. there is police activity on connecticut avenue near the bridge that is over the rock creek parkway. things are running very nicely between fedex field and the ikea. back to you. >> thank you. >>> it will be a busy day for lawmakers on capitol hill. the first order of business is a bill to restore unemployment benefits to 2.5 million americans. >> and the democrats will soon have the votes needed to pass the $34 billion bill, is not popular with republicans concerned about the big national debt increasing. now to pamela brown for the latest. >> debate over the senate stalemate is expected to end today. until now, democrats have tried three times to overcome the republican filibuster. the replacement of the late senator robert byrd is expected to be sworn in. that could be the game ch
a successor to the late senator robert byrd. >>> mary kay. >> in the maryland governor's race, a montgomery county woman is bob ehrlich's new running mate. he made the announcement on youtube. mary lives in potomac maryland. she has been director of special projects of the u.s. chamber of commerce since 2008. >>> outrage at arlington cemetery and the army pulls a pledge to ultimate soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. >>> toyota could announce another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers
reporting live. >>> a maryland state trooper charged with having more than 3,000 pictures of young children. some performing sexual acts. wjz is live at headquarters.. kelly mcpherson has the story. >> reporter: officers raided this troopers home. baltimore county police looked for the owner of an e-mail address sending lewd photographs of children doing sexual acts. they were led back to bruce alan tucker. >> we basically told our invest investigators that he was curious about these images and he had just started casually looking at these things over the internet, his interests group. he exchanged some photos with some people over the internet and it just increased as he wept on doing it. >> reporter: tucker told investigators he started this interest in pornography in 2009. he was on executive detail for nine years, he has been suspended without pay. kelly mcpherson, wjz news. >> investigators are concerned that tucker may have contacted victims by phone and text message. if you have any call police. >>> drivers now using canines in the search efforts that could last several hours. wjz i
a lawsuit in court. the maryland attorney general's office has declined to comment on the lawsuit. >> state police are investigating a deadly accident in westminster. it and 18-year-old of westminster was driving wind he it slowed down or stopped his car. it was hit by a truck, crossed the double yellow line and was hit by another vehicle. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the view from skyteam 11 shows quite a mess left behind by a dump truck accident. this was earlier this afternoon. at the dump truck collided with several parked cars on pennington avenue just before 4:00 p.m.. the driver had to be rescued from the truck. there is no word on what caused the dump truck to crash. >> a real blow to the ravens tonight. their quarterback will miss the entire season with a knee injury. >> that news comes on what is usually an exciting day. we are live with more. >> just an absolutely perfect day to start training camp, but the quarterback was not out there. we learned that shortly after practice, he had torn his a c l in his knee. this was a move that he had described that he had don
chartres' drive. >> the latest poll of likely maryland voters has the governor and his opponent in a tie. 40% of voters support the former governor and 47% favor the democratic governor. that is well within the 4.5% margin of error. a similar poll gave o'malley a six point lead. >> tonight, the doors of the rehabilitation center remain closed to patients as crews tried to fix the air- conditioning system. the state moved 150 people at the center last week and this is not the first reported trouble with the facility. our reporter is live outside the facility tonight with an update. >> the state hopes to move residents back within 12 to 14 days, but not until the office of air quality determines the air-conditioning is working properly. safety concerns forced the removal of residents at 5 01 west franklin street. with temperatures outside soaring past 100 degrees last week, and a broken air conditioning system, living inside the facility became unbearable. >> we never want to put any resident or citizen at risk, especially in these temperatures we have experienced over the summer so far. >
three suspects are held without bail. >> a maryland troopers is facing child pornography charges. barry simms is a life outside baltimore county police headquarters with more. >> when they ask to the state trooper if they knew why he searched his home and he said, "because of the computer." now he is charged with strobe pornography. the -- with a child pornography. the on-line searches triggered the investigation. in may, they went to his home. the front door still bears the marks where police force it open. no one responded when we try to contact bruce allen tucker. he is charged with possession and distribution of child for receiving a >> there is no indication at this time that he was involved in the taking of pictures or that he was actually depicted in any of the images with these children. >> police arrested tucker friday. on a laptop in his home, they found more than three house and images of children engage in sexual acts, tied up or partially nude. they range from two years of age up to 14 years old. >> he caught not -- he could not offer any real reason. he basically told the
. in the mountains, 75 degrees. gorgeous sunshine here in the heart of central maryland, 86 degrees. a little breezy. it will feel quite comfortable. one of the few nice days a week have had for july. only a few days this month have been below 90 degrees. 85 degrees on the shore. we have a small craft advisory until noon today. consistent out of the north at 20 knots. we may reach the normal highs today. we will be around '85 or '86. we will be in that range downtown. the record, we are nowhere near that today. clear skies tonight. 60 in the outline areas. 66 downtown. we had this nice front that moved through last night. cool air collided with the warm humid air mass. eventually, it will move off shore for sunday. we could see some showers and storms by sunday. a great 48 hours. sunny today and mostly sunny tomorrow. not humid at all. a good chance of the scattered showers and storms on sunday. the heat and committed the returns by next tuesday -- the heat and humidity returns by next tuesday. >> companies offering to sell your credit card balance is now have a new rule to borrow. they can no longe
. >> a maryland man has been indicted. police say he is a serial killer. police believe he committed the murder of delores dewitt and her daughter, ebony. jason scott has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. no word on when a trial is set to begin. a man was found dead in baltimore city yesterday. police were called to a shooting and found an unidentified man dead from a shotgun wound. no word on a motive. four juvenile us are in custody. they are accused of robbing members on the light rail. police began investigating the crimes investigatingmay. ng in may. >> head lice is no excuse to stay home from school. no help the child should be excused from were missed school because head lice is not a sign of poor health hygiene. it is usually spread by head to head contact. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think schools should keep students with head lice from attending classes? you can e-mail your response to president obama hits the road today. >> he will be talking with small business owners. kate amara joins us live from our wa
of maryland and into the mountains. highs into the low 90s. lower humidity for the day tomorrow and more humid again friday and saturday. the hot weather continues into the first part of the weekend. jerry, how's the traffic? >> we're doing pretty well, the drive along 290 northbound, all travel lanes are open, no hangup theres. just watch for the construction barrels. over to ox enhill, maryland and look on the beltway, inner loop is okay, outer loop from 210 to saint barnabus road, heads-up. they should be picking that up about any time. >>> police are trying to figure out who killed a well known art terrori ist from montgomery county and dumped her body. she was restoring paintings for heads of state and famous hollywood celebrities. on monday her family reported her missing after she didn't return to her rockville home. later police found her body wrapped in a blanket in the alley. police did find tire tracks near the scene. a male suspect is being questioned by police. he has not been charged. >> at this point detectives believe they have the suspect in custody responsible for this death.
points and high humidity. no storms right now over the maryland area. there is a line out ahead of a friend. it is affecting the great lakes, moving toward the east, likely will arrive tomorrow afternoon. then we will see the potential for more and thunderstorms. today there is only an isolated chance for storms, temperatures in the upper 80s. more uncomfortable than yesterday. the dew points have escalated into the low '70's. above 66 you are dealing with an uncomfortable air mass. it indicates a lot of moisture out there. if we get storms to mark, there is a lot of water with them, so expect heavy downpours. in the meantime, this afternoon's forecast -- in the mid-80s and the mountains with the chance for isolated storms. baltimore will likely see a high of 93. there is a chance for an isolated storm or two into the evening, but not widespread. on the eastern shore, high of 91, more sunshine there today. it is just a mix of sun and clouds. later this afternoon on the day a small craft advisory will take effect with winds picking up from the south between 15 and 20 miles per ho
to fix a massive water main in potomac, maryland that is on the brink of failing. our kristin fisher has more on the latest repair efforts. >> reporter: these crews have been working around the clock, and they have made a ton of progress, but there's much more work to be done. wssc is estimating it at least will be monday before the pipe is back up and running and these mandatory water restrictions are lifted. after 24 hours of drilling and digging, wssc crews uncovered the 16-foot long section of pipe that needs to be replaced. they have also exposed a fiber optic wire that first alerted authorities that this part of the pipe was failing. >> i understand the technology really saved us. >> reporter: brian stanley lives across the street from the faulty pipe. he's the first to admit the construction and mandatory water restrictions are inconvenient but also the first to point out this could have been a repeat of the massive river road water main break two years ago. >> it could have been very bad. so it was a big sigh of relief to actually see the trucks and not see water. so, you know, h
were hard at work this morning in frederick county, maryland. they responded to a call flames at bowers lumber and components just before 6:00 a.m. the lumberyard is located on main street in woodsboro, maryland. it is unclear what sparked the blaze. >>> david cameron is making his first visit to washington since assuming office. questions about the b.p. oil spill and reports the company pressured british petroleum officials to release the lockerbie suspect are expected to overshadow his trip. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: british prime minister cam reason arrived in washington ready for tough discussions. president obama and vice president biden want to talk him to him about the circumstances surrounding the release of this man. , the only person convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. some reports say that b.p. played a role in winning his freedom. before leaving england, the prime minister told the bbc if he had been in charge last august, he would still be in jail. >> all i know as leader of the opposition i couldn't have been more cl
banks in damascus, maryland this morning. the first robbery happened at a pnc bank along middle brook road. the sec ronry occurred only minutes later at a pnc on ridge road. right now there's no word on the suspect's condition. we're following the story, and we will bring you more information when it becomes available. of course you can always go to our website to get up-to-date information. >>> mandatory water restrictions have been lifted for wssc customers in prince georges and montgomery counties. our 9 news reporter kristin fisher has the latest information on the water main in potomac, maryland that caused all of these complications over the 4th of july weekend. >> after six days of these mandatory water restrictions, this massive water main is now back in service and those restrictions have now been lifted for nearly 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery counties. remember the massive water main burst on river road nearly two years ago, wssc says that could have happened here were it not for a high-tech early warning system. the alarm sounded this pipe was failing.
. sarah simmons, fox 5. >> all right. thank you very much. >>> the former maryland governor has announced his running mate. he announced his decision on facebook last night. >>> democratic and republicans in the senate agree that kagan is on her way to being the fourth women to serve on the supreme court. they are not planning to filibuster kagan's nomination. if confirmed it would be the first time three of the court's 9 justices are women. >>> the public can pay respects to robert byrd today. >>> president barack obama is calling for action to fix what's being called a broken system in america. ♪ welcome to ultimate rewards from chase. no blackouts, no restrictions on airfare and hotels, no limits to what you can get with ultimate rewards. no wonder it's called ultimate. available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters. >>> president barack obama focusing on immigration reform today. he will speak at america university later this morning pushing for action. a white house spokesperson is saying it is accountability for employers and immigrants in the country ill
. >>> state troopers in alaska are reopening an investigation into the stabbing death of a maryland man 28 years ago outside a bar in kodiak. he had a lot of cash and bought rounds of drinks that night and was last seen alive 3:00 a.m., 10 minutes later the 27-year- old was found beaten dead between two cars in the parking lot. investigators say the case was reviewed because of so many potential witnesses. >>> live scan features digital finger printing and picture that is are linked to a system to officers can see if a suspect is on parole or probation. a demonstration was held today. major stevens, the guy in charge of this program says the new technology will really help officers out in the field. >>> new technology down in ocean city threatening public safety. green laser pointers are a huge problem harassing or shining laser pointers on a person is banned in ocean city may through mid-july. police say they reported 15 incidents of people breaking the law using the laser pointers. seven people had to be arrested the police chief said it is out of control. >>> now for a look at tonight's
's look at what we're seeing now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, in fact that heat and humidity feeling some big thunderstorms. pushing in out of the west now and in fact taking you in a little closer, northern baltimore county getting the worst of it right now. also northern harford county, north of bel air, getting slammed with a lot of lightning. next under the gun is going to be northern cecil county out toward rising sun, even port deposit. also, a little further to the south, bug cluster here north of the dc area if your travels take you in that direction. plenty of rough weather in the south of baltimore as well. evening forecast, we keep the thunderstorms going. hot and breezy otherwise:we'll look for more of this activity the next couple of days and temperatures set to rise big time. we'll have the temperatures coming up. they are hot. >>> now a look at tonight's top stories. one man dead, a teen is recovering tonight after they were shot outside the american legion banquet hall in bel air. police are not identifying the teen shooting victim but say she's in stable cond
of maryland seeing the remnants moving off the southern part of the eithhr shore. dew points in the low 70s andn that mmans the humidity is going to mmke it feel warmer, it %-make!!atmosphere and itmakes . the traffic edge. here is candace. debbie as part of the morning commute..3 light activity on theebbltway traveling at harford road. we're in the green from 95 up toward 83 in fact, so right now clip, 54 miles per hour. looking good as well from the beltway, favorable conditions, 3 minutes 55 miles per hour there. ooly 53 miles per hour with an 8-minute drive on southbound 895 from the haabor tunnel all the way down toward 95. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. >>> 5:02 on fox 45 early edition. a city police officer accused of raping a woman on a rouuine traffic stop will learn today if he will face criminal charges. megan gilliland joins us live from city police headquarters with more onnthe investigation released good morning. >> reporter: good morninn, patrice. police have been combing through the officer'' police cruuser searching for forensic evidence.
. the extra clark added today made room called the writers. >>> maryland's highest court is weighing in to stop a casino in anne arundel county. they will go on -- they will hear arguments on whether residents will have a say to build a casino at arundel hills mall. construction could begin soon if the court agrees. >>> police are on a hunt for an ei found the. --iphone thief. the robber asked the victim for directions on the pawn and snatched it and ran. coming up, three months since the oil started spelling in the gulf and some are bringing the plight over the oil spill to capitol hill. we will explain. get ready for fireworks in illinois in a courtroom for the governor gets ready to go under oath. plus, making her way to jail, lindsay lohan starts her time behind bars. will they keep away break anytime soon? adam caske ♪ [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010. [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains foreve
williams of kensington, maryland, is charged with first-degree murder. he has a bond hearing scheduled today at 1:00 this afternoon. police say he worked in the same warehouse area as miss naimi. she was reported missing sunday by a relative and found dead in the district in northwest the next day. the police will fnot say how sh died. her business partner tells us he lost a good friend and artist. >> i have been involved in a working relationship with her for several years. she has been my day-to-day working companion for the last approximately six months. she was an amazing person and a wonderf wonderful artist and will be surely missed. >> reporter: miss naimi had an extensive rest are may, owned a gallery at one time and worked here to restore art and worked as an art consultant. police in montgomery county will not release a motive. again, that bond hearing is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. we will have more for you tonight. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, elaine. >>> some of the passengers on board that united airlines flight that ran into severe turbulence are sharing th
degrees in washington right now. 79 in fairfax. 81 in manassas. 86 degrees in frederick, maryland. gaithersburg, 81 right now after a 53-degree start this morning. manassas, virginia, dropped down to 50 this morning. currently at 80 degrees with the sunshine. if you are one of the lucky ones, you got the tickets to watch the nationals take on the new york mets. first pitch time, 7:05. perfect baseball weather. temperature about 78 degrees at first pitch. there is the good night forecast. clear skies, temperatures back down into the low 70s by 11:00 p.m. a clear and quiet evening coming up. big warm-up arrives on sunday. the fourth of july. and by the looks of it, that big warm-up may be sticking around through much of the upcoming workweek. we'll detail that in the seven-day forecast. you need to be bracing yourself for more. perhaps near 100 degree heat coming our way very, very soon. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. >>> about 35 million americans are expected to travel 50 or more miles this holiday weekend. according to aaa, that's a big increase from last year when fewer t
are dealing with record-breaking heat. and it is blanketing maryland. emergency personnel and power companies are ready to respond to any problems on charles street in towson, you can see the heat shimmering in the air, above these construction workers. and outside right now, it is downright stifling, to use a term from denise koch. it is like the breath of the devil. [ laughter ] i love that line. what more can you say to that? wjz is live with first warning weather. mike hellgren with more on how everyone is trying to stay cool. but first, bob turk with new record -- a new record high set just today. bob? >> justice came -- just came in about two seconds ago. our computer hadn't even had a chance to update it. just one second ago, bwi marshall, just got to 105. 105 degrees at the airport. many places at least 100. ocean city, only 88. oakland, a cool 84. and the heat index. however, the dew point, we did drop today. the heat index, this is as of a few minutes ago, was 104. essentially. there's really no heat index with the humidity as low as it is. but easton is up to 106. ocean city feels
is finally back home. >>> but we begin with accusations of excessive force. a maryland woman claims police broke her hand. we're diving into the investigation tonight. >>> that woman claims montgomery county police stormed into her wheat on home and knocked her around. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. that woman says because of her injuries she can't work and fears she could lose everything. fox 5's roby chavez is here with the story you will only see right here on fox 5. robbie? >> reporter: a 65-year-old woman is raising strong allegations of excessive force, police brutality and unlawful entry. her hand is bandaged and she's in a cast. she says montgomery county police roughed her up in her oem home. >> this guy grabbed my hand like this and was doing like this. i said stop, stop, you going to break my arm. >> reporter: 65-year-old piero tuno recounts the night she says montgomery county police broke her hand. >> i came from italy and i never get in trouble with nobody. then i have to come in here and keep it like i'm a criminal. >> she's fragile. never hurt a fly. never gotten a t
and on pennsylvania and maryland between first and third street. that's going to be closed down as well. watch for that for dc starting today throughout the weekend and until tuesday. switch over and see what we have next on the roadways. as we move on to 395 right now. northbound, southbound looking good. a little more traffic as we approach after 5:00 in the morning. construction is all clear from overnight. move on to see how things are looking on 95 southbound. right now it looks okay. you may be seeing some delays on the micking bowl but construction is clear, as well. andrea, back to you. >>> it is shaping up to be a hot and dry 4th of july weekend for 2 million of us. the washington suburban sanitary commission has mandatory water restrictions on customers whose crews worked to repair a huge water main that's on the brink of failing. kristin fisher is live in potomac with the latest. >> reporter: crews here have been working around the clock to get this water main repaired. but it is likely going to be at least three -- three more days before it is fixed. you can see the crews working a
morning in a row, western maryland, west virginia. eastern shore, upper 50s and right at the atlantic beaches, it's a cool morning but a terrific day under way with a clear sky. we'll have lots of sunshine, we certainly do need pran. it does not appear we're going to have any chance of rain all the way into next week as this enormous area of high pressure will give us plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. the low humidity will be in place through sunday and heating trend as we get into the weekend. highs today low 80s, mid-90s on the fourth of july. getting humid next week. >>> as we get under way, hard to tell from this picture, authorities were responding to an accident on the beltway inner loop. we'll look around and see what we can see. elsewhere over on the beltway, prince george's county on the inner loop and outer loop, they are still picking up the overnight road work. we're doing pretty well as friday morning gets under way. >> we are following a breaking story out of center vil, virginia, a fire ungulfed a house. look at this house. flames can be seen shooting through the r
. >> on 95 in maryland, i 70, 270, nothing at the wilson bridge. in virginia there's a crash from alexandria headed to springfield. on the inner loop at the exit for van dorn street, be careful even eisenhower avenue. traffic is able to get through. be prepared for that. traffic across the american legion bridge moving nicely. traffic away from us on the right is out of bethesda. headlights on the right are from tysons. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> thanalmost 2 million people around here locally left out to dry because of an emergency water main fix in montgomery county. >> expected to last several days. pamela brown is live in potomac. >> the crews are hard at work. they will be working on this pipe in potomac for the next three days at least. more than 2 million customers will have to make sacrifices until then. they're asking them to cut back on water by one-third. that means no outside water usage, including topping of swimming pools, watering lawns, and washing cars. you are asked to limit showers, washing dishes, and clothing. they say the sacrifices are worth it to avoid another
started trending in the right direction. >> students at the university of maryland are scared. >> everyone is always looking for jobs. >> and the start of a strong recovery. the issue of extending unemployment benefits will not be settled until 10 more days until the senate gets back from a break. >> find out if your job is one of the safest car might get it now on while you are there, see how others are coping with losing their jobs. >> in light of the mishaps on local marc trains, congressman dutch ruppersberger introduced a commuter's bill of rights to protect those -- protect the safety of those riding the trains. >> the best way to describe this, think of it as the air travelers bill of rights. this bill calls for all public transit operators to come up with a comprehensive plan to make sure that what happened a couple of weeks ago never happens again. it has been nicknamed day -- the hell train. passengers were left stranded on the train for two hours without air-conditioning or water. this woman was one of those passengers. >> there were senior citizens, based. -- babies
. around the eastern shore it's in the mid-70s mountains of of western maryland, mid-60s this morning. over the past 12 hours, we had the showers passing mainly to the south of washington and those are pulling away. there are still a few lingering showers in northeastern maryland moving to the east. we have another disturbance approaching us later today that may bring us late afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. before that it should be partly cloudy with highs reaching the mid-90s today. remaining steamy tonight and tomorrow. during the day on wednesday, morning lows mid-70s afternoons again into the mid to low 90s. then lower humidity ought move am briefly. highs in the mid-90s both days. >> it's looking pretty good as we get going here. along the 95 corridor, right now fredericksburg all the way up to the beltway and 395, should find all lanes open. let's head to the american legion bridge. authorities are dealing with an accident on the outer loop. single car accident. somebody smacked into the jersey wall. fire and rescue crews are on the scene. volume is so light it's not creati
as tomorrow. all of these areas in northern virginia, the district of columbia, most of maryland, and the eastern shore under this. high, excessive heat advisory. right now the dew points are in the mid 60s to upper 60s. that is rather humid but they're going to get even higher as we get into tomorrow so it's going to be turning more humid. right now in the mountains it's near 80. eastern shore, near 90 degrees there even at the beaches, code orange for unhealthy air quality. this afternoon so reduce outdoor afternoon activity. yes we do get to a hundred and perhaps even 102 or maybe even near the record of 103 this afternoon. details on the end of the week, a break coming our way in a few minutes. >> we'll need it. thank you, tom. finally, some relief for those of you who live in montgomery and prince george's county. the mandatory water restrictions in place for five days have now been lifted. crews fixed a 96-inch water main that was on the brink of breaking. megan mcgrath joins us live from potomac, maryland where the new main is now working. residents are happy about this on
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